Accessories & Option

Locked Lids Cover

For 360, 410,460,408,170

USB OPOS Interface (Internal or USB Trigger)

Under Mounting Bracket

For 360 & 410 Series

Serial Interface (Internal or USB Trigger)

Other options

Cash Tray Insert:  Removal Coin Case or fixed, Adjustable Bill or fixed and Adjustable

                              Coin Divider or fixed type available

DC Solenoid:         6 or 9 or 12 or 24V with different connector available

Control Lock Key: Max 100 different keys are available except 240, 330C, 330E

Front Panel:          Stainless Steel Front Panel is available for Metal Front Models.

Media Slot:            One or Two slots or without media slots available

Others:                   Micro Switch Sensor and Emergency release lever available

Color:                     Black, Grey, White and Any Color available by customers' request 


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